Let the 1 Click to Mobile CMS Make Your Adult Sites Mobile in Minutes
You're 3 Easy Steps Away From Going Mobile
1 Click to Mobile - CMS for Adult Websites

Converting your sex video content is as easy as uploading it




1 click of a submit button and the CMS does it all for you and updates your mobile site automatically







Your updates are published to your mobile tour and member's area automatically with zero work from you







$250/month for an unlimited number of pay sites and mobile sites. Installation and support included.

We are no longer limited to working with pre-recorded content type websites. We now include advanced functionality for interactive websites such as Chaturbate, Tok Live (Interactive Porn), and JustFor.Fans. Contact us for an example of how one of our clients in the content creator space utilized our service to make their xxx member video tube more mobile-friendly. This allows the users on the network to get more traffic to their social media pages and blogs by being able to upload their videos to free video-sharing platforms such as PornHub, XVideos, XHamster and others. 1 Click to Mobile has instantly converted their previous desktop only browser-based platform into a fully functioning mobile version as well as downloadable app for Android and iOS where users can upload their self-shot clips directly from their smartphones or tablets.



Proven performance you can count on. A proven track record for frequent product updates. Proven reliability over years of use by adult's biggest, most demanding users makes Elevated X the safe choice for your site management needs.

With thousands of successful sites using it, the Elevated X CMS is the industy's leading pay site management solution. Others have been inspired by our success and are attempting to play catch up and follow our lead. Accept no imitations.


Don't gamble on the most important element of your business infrastructure.


Let the Elevated X Pay Site CMS do 95% of the work for you.


It will run your tours, member's areas, free trial and limted trial areas and mobile sites and let you schedule updates in advance so your sites run themselves.


It will also encode your videos into Flash, MPG, Quicktime, DivX, WMV, MP4, 3GP, watermark them, cut them into clips and take screencaps. Photos can be resized into multiple sizes, watermarked, sharpened, cropped and Zipped for download. You can also choose to bulk genrate FHG's.


The best part is it's all automatic!

Your sites will be up to today's current standards and current trends. You'll also be able to market your sites more effectively and make the most money possible for your efforts.


Our industry has been dominated by companies who go years without updating their products.


We care about our customers. We don't just say it, we prove it. Since late 2008 we've released 3 new CMS version upgrades. We also released 2 major enhancements in the form of Smarty templating and mobile pay sites in addition to Twitter support.


We make big claims. And we have a history of backing them up. Accept no substitutes or imitations.


Easy to Use


Professional Installation and Tech Support

We install your CMS on your server.

We setup your CMS for you and deliver it 100% ready to use.

Access our searchable knowledge base of help files and step by step "how-to" guides.

Our prompt, professional US based technical support staff is available to help you.

Access our 24/7 online support ticket system at any time and from any location.


High Performance


Work Smarter...and Faster


18 U.S.C. Section 2257 Record Keeping


Manage Your Content


Content Scheduling


Keep Your Members Coming Back


Use Site and Member Statistics and Analytics to Optimize Your Sites


Offer Your Site In Multiple Languages


Make More Money With Free Trials and Limited Trials


Make More Sales from Your Tours


Make More Sales by Updating Your Tours


Automatic Video Transcoding...($50/month for Unlimited Number of Sites)


Mobile Pay Site Package...($50/month for Unlimited Number of Sites)


All Access/Mega-Pass Network Setup...($100/month for Unlimited Number of Sites)


Gallery Builder Plug-In... ($100/month for Unlimited Number of Sites)


If you have questions or need more information please don't hesitate to ask. We'll be happy to answer all of your questions and explain all the ways our CMS software will help your business.


Questions? Email [email protected] or call Us Toll Free: 1-844-693-1111


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Elevated X CMS?


The Elevated X CMS is a software product designed to manages your content and nearly every aspect of your pay sites. It automates almost every pay site management task and enables your member areas and tours to run on auto-pilot.


The CMS was designed to be a company's core infrastructure. It will let you build and grow a network of pay sites quickly and easily at a low cost.


We offer reliable performance you can count on and a long list of innovative features. Best of all it's easy to use. Your sites will give your visitors and members the best experience possible. Members appreciate a rich user experience and the increased rebills you'll experience will prove it.


How long has Elevated X been in business?


We've been in the adult industry for 11 years. Elevated X was started in 2004 and the first version of the CMS was officially released and offered for purchase in 2006.


Where is Elevated X located?


All our staff is in Southern California. Our offices are in Valencia, about 20 miles north of Hollywood.


What kind of technology does the Elevated X CMS use?


We use current methods and technology with a base of modular PHP and MySQL. We also use the same performance enhancements in use on high traffic sites like YouTube, Facebook and Wikipedia. Due to customer requests we recently added industry standard HTML based Smarty templates.


What kind of support do I get?


As an Elevated X customer you can access our online ticket system 24/7. Tickets are monitored daily during our normal business hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST). We provide you 24/7 support for emergencies and we'll be paged via SMS by the support system in case of an emergency. We also have a toll free 1-800 number but prefer to reserve after hours calls to this line for emergencies and critical issues.


Why should I choose Elevated X over another CMS?


Don't take our word for it. Do some research yourself...


Visit large industry boards such as gfy.com and do a search for Elevated X. You'll see posts made by us and many made by others and you'll see what actual customers are saying. You'll also see our response to questions, concerns and complaints.


If you do a comparison you will not find as much public praise for any other CMS or a CMS company that offers its customers as much as we do. We guarantee it.


Some products are cheaper and some that are more expensive. Some have more features. Some make big claims. Some offer you package deals with designs, discounted hosting and attractive offers to get you to buy their product To us it doesn't matter how many features a system has...if fails when you need it most. If a CMS offers a lot of features but has a lot of unhappy users those features are useless.


Others are borrowing our marketing methods and copying elements of our site design in an attempt to win your business. What makes us different is not what we do, It's how we do it.


Our company believes in disclosure and operates with transparency. If we encounter bugs or security issues we don't hide it. Instead we post the information on public forums and email customers so that we can keep them safe.


Our goal isn't to sell the CMS with the most features. Our goal is to give you features that keep your sites up to current standards and the current trends. This will help you stay competitive as the market and economy changes. We want your sites to make the most money possible.


Our system was built to deliver and it's been proven. The Elevated X CMS has been tried and tested by some of the largest cash programs, fastest growing startups and some of adult's most demanding users over the last 4 years.


A few facts about Elevated X


Our out of the box system will make your sites competitive in today's market.

We update often. Our customers have enjoyed 3 CMS version updates and over 50 new features since late 2008 alone!

We're the only CMS company to provide consistent upgrades and new features since our inception.

... the first to offer a series of custom tailored hosted CMS packages from reputable adult hosts.

... the first to make "All Access/Mega Pass Network" functionality available as a plug-and-play add-on.

... the first to offer a plug-and-play mobile version designed specifically for mobile devices.

... the first to offer multiple tour layout options and tube style tours.

We listen to our customers and we respond to their requests.


Others are playing catch-up and attempting to follow our lead.


Accept no substitutes or imitations.


Do you install the software for me?


Yes. We do the whole installation. We install the software on your server and configure it for your own content types. We also setup your video encoding settings for you based on the type of videos you plan to offer your members. The CMS is delivered to you setup by us, tested and ready to use.


Do you integrate my design or offer design services?


No. We don't offer design services. We've found that it's not only cheaper for you but also faster turnaround time for your projects when you work with a design company directly. We'll be happy to give you referrals for 3 companies who are familiar with our CMS and can provide affordable design and integration services: ZuzanaDesigns.com, DickmansDesign.com and Wedesig.net


Will you teach me how to build and manage my site?


When you buy our CMS it's expected that you already have at least basic Webmastering skills or some experience. We don't provide support or training for things outside of our CMS product itself. To use our CMS you'll need to be comfortable and familiar using FTP to upload files, change file permissions and tasks of that nature.



Will I get frequent product upgrades to keep my sites competitive?


Unlike some companies we don't sell you designs, hosting or any other services. 100% of our business is CMS technology. We're in a state of constant development. For you this means advancements, new features and product improvements on a frequent and consistent basis.


Other companies offer new versions every 4-5 years. Our customers have had 2 new version upgrades with dozens of new features. We've also had 2 major enhancements (Smarty template option and mobile compatible site versions) in addition to Twitter support since late 2008 alone.



What makes Elevated X different?


You'll always know who you're working with. You can feel confident trusting us with your business.


We know you take your business seriously and we do too. You'll never have to worry about us competing with you in any way. We don't own pay sites or manage cash programs or push traffic. We're not selling an array of products. CMS IS our business and your success is our #1 priority.


We're the only company that's constantly updating. By this we mean big changes, substantial offerings. We don't make our customers wait for a massive upgrade once every 4 or 5 years. We work hard at this and we give you new features every few months.



Does Elevated X work on/with multiple servers or load balancing?


Yes. The CMS supports multiple servers and load balancing. The standard CMS install/setup is for 1 server. The CMS can be licensed for multiple servers and use NFS mounts or mirrored servers using rsync. The system does not support management of remote sites or content on other servers without the use of NFS. We do not consider multi-server setups part of our standard CMS install/setup process. We don't require a separate install of the CMS for each server, however there is an additional license fee for each additional server. The fee is $50 per month per server for up to 3 servers. For 3 or more servers the monthly fee is $25 per server.



Does it work with NATS and MPA3? Does it work with my billing and password script?


Yes. The CMS works with all billing, affiliate software such as NATS and MPA3 and 3rd party site security or password management providers. We have a good relationship with nearly every major Web host in the industry and our standard pricing is available to you regardless of who you choose to host with.



Is Elevated X easy to customize to match my design?


Our newly added industry standard HTML based Smarty templates can be edited easily by anyone comfortable editing Web pages.


Smarty is the most commonly used template engine in our industry. It’s used by many popular software products. With our CMS you'll be using a template system that most designers in the business are familiar with. It also means that any designer or coder who offers affiliate program skins or skins for other programs will now be able to provide skins and template work for the CMS.



Is there a limit on how many sites I have or extra charge for adding more sites?


No. As long as all the sites are owned by you there is no limit. There is no fee for adding more sites. A simple step by step how-to guide is provided so you can quickly add new sites anytime you like.



What if I want a feature that Elevated X doesn't have?


If you have a new idea, need something added or see a feature somewhere that you would like to have please let us know. We're happy to discuss your ideas with you and provide estimates for adding new features and functionality to the system. Or we may add them to the feature list for our next planned version upgrade.



What if I still have questions?


Please don't hesitate to ask! You're welcome to email, ICQ or call us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about our CMS, site building and pay site management.


Questions? Email [email protected] or call Us Toll Free: 1-844-693-1111